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Dive Scientific offers an online platform for organizations  with scientific diving programs to log dives, collect and analyze associated data.

Standard Platform Features:

  • Support for your custom or AAUS domain name
  • Unlimited number of users (dives)
  • Multiple DSOs
  • Log Dives
  • Reports
  • Log Incidents
  • Update Diver Profile
  • Suggestion Box
  • Locations and Project Administration (available to DSOs only)
  • Purposes Administration (available to DSOs only)
Standard Features
Standard Features

“Log Dives” feature:

  • Checks for date/time overlaps with the previously logged dives to prevent overlaps/duplicates
  • Allows to choose from a list of pre-set locations (administrated by the DSO), and/or enter a custom location
  • Decompression Planning options include computers, software, and tables
  • Diving Modes include SCUBA, Rebreather, Snorkel, and Surface Supplied
  • Allows to choose one or more purposes (administrated by the DSO)
Dive Log Entry Screen
Dive Log Entry Screen

“Reports” feature:

  • “My complete diving history” – provides a list of all previously logged dives, with an option to review/edit previous logs
  • Dive logs can be exported to Excel
  • DSO Reports
    • Expirations Report – allows generate a list of divers for a chosen date (including future) for expired Medical, CPR, O2, FSO, AED, First Aid, BC Service, or Regulator Service. DSO can then send an email notification to the divers on the generated report.
    • Divers Contacts – allows the DSO to email individual divers, or send an email to all/subset of them
    • AAUS Statistics Report – allows the DSO to generate an annual summary to provide to AAUS
    • Internal Statistics Report – allows the DSO to generate a full annual report
Internal Report
Internal Report

“Locations/Projects Administration” Feature:

  • Allows the DSO to add any number of physical locations and/or projects
  • This list of locations populates the dropdown on the Dive Log screen for all divers of the organization
  • Optional depth, which becomes a total depth limit for that location on the dive log
Locations/Projects Administration
Locations/Projects Administration


“My Profile” feature:

  • Allows the currently logged in diver to change:
    • Personal information
    • Display time preference
    • Emergency Contact
    • Insurance Information
    • Recreational Certification (highest level, agency, number, expiration)
  • Allows the currently logged in diver to review some of the information maintained by the DSO, such as waivers, internal status and certifications, exams, checkout dives, and expirations

“Suggestion Box” feature:

Allows the diver to submit comments, suggestions and constructive criticism to either the DSO or Support at Dive Scientific

“Users Administration” feature:

  • Allows the DSO to filter the diver list either by “All”, “Active” or “Inactive”
  • Access to each diver’s profile
  • E-mail individual divers, or send mass email to all/subset
  • Access to each divers’s dive log

“Purposes Administration” feature:

  • Allows the DSO to add any number of the dive purposes
  • This list populates the “purpose(s)” section of the dive log
  • Includes “Proficiency”, “Scientific”, and “Scientific Training” purposes, mandatory for all AAUS Organization Members

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